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Although not always awarded by the court in a contested divorce, the parties can agree upon shared legal custody of the children.In shared legal custody, the parties have equal decision-making power over the important decisions concerning the child(ren).If you are in the military and Alaska is not your state of residence, you may still file in Alaska if you have been continously stationed at a military base or installation in Alaska for a minimum of 30 days.The state of Alaska recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce.

Alabama’s child support guidelines apply in virtually every case, unless special circumstances are present.

In order to file for Divorce in Alabama you must meet one of the three requirements: 1.

If both parties reside in Alabama, then the requirement is met. If the Defendant, or non-filing party, resides in Alabama, then the requirement is met. If the Defendant, or non-filing spouse, does not live in Alabama, then the Petitioner, or filing party, must have been a resident of the state for a period of 6 months.

Relocation housing must be affordable (total housing costs cannot exceed 75 percent of the group's net income).

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Applicant(s) must have good cause for non-payment of their shelter obligation during the last six months, regardless of the reason they are in need.Divorce is the largest single financial transaction of most people’s lives, raising important questions that demand immediate answers.